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Just like other drugs, phentermine is a prescription only drug that is used in the effective and efficient treatment of obesity in abnormally fat and overweight people. It is related chemically to amphetamines and has the potential to be misused and abused. As a result of these serious side effects and risks, there are strict rules and regulations issued by the FDA for online trading of drugs of these types. As a result those who want to buy phentermine online without any prescription would want to continue reading as it could change the way you work with your life.

If you as a consumer wants to buy phentermine online without any script and prescription, keep in mind that it is illegal. On the other hand if you are an online pharmacy selling this drug without a prescription, then you are also working against the laws and regulations of the US FDA. Because phentermine is a controlled drug, it can only be given on prescription for a licensed and legitimately professional and certified doctor. It is extremely dangerous and very unsafe to use a drug not prescribed to you in any case even including phentermine. to buy diet pills online and read more reviews check out this place


There are scores of website and profit hungry online pharmacies selling phentermine without “any prescription” and after “medical consultation from the doctors.” Many consumers get trap into this claim due to which they buy phentermine online. Keep in mind that no online website can issue a prescription and sell this drug to any patient worldwide. This can only be prescribed from a certified and registered doctor having years of experience in dealing with certain types of drugs. There is no such thing as an online medical consultation because it is against the US FDA rules to sell this drug online. As a result no medical consultation can be done to sell this drug online.


It is illegal to both sell and buy real phentermine 37.5 mg online overnight delivery without any prescription. Both the consumers and the sellers and get prosecuted in the eyes of law if done so. Keep in mind that phentermine belongs to a group of drugs than tends to lose its efficiency and effectiveness after a usage of few weeks because it is only a short term solution and never a long term solution. Those who buy phentermine online tend to get not good results because of the substandard and low quality drugs being sold online.

It is illegal and very unsafe to get involved in certain acts like those who buy phentermine online. Keep in mind that you are violating any laws of the US FDA that governs these online selling and buying policies.

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